The Cocktail of Poisons

November 7, 2015

Cfl’s/ fluorescents release a cocktail of poison that can lead to neurological, hormonal and cell damage – not just if they break, also while they are in use. This is an excellent half hour documentary that includes research on the poisons emitted from CFLs.

Now that there is more research out there to back up what I know, perhaps I will get on a bigger band wagon to inform and make changes. I do what I can, but perhaps I can do more. LIKE get fluorescents out of our schools!!! My family fortunately don’t have fluorescents in their homes… otherwise I couldn’t visit, but still the grandchildren go to school…

A Facebook post inspired me to get back to this blog and share this link.
I’m extremely sensitive to fluorescents, to the point of being diagnosed as allergic by a neurologist. Though a person can’t be allergic to that sort of thing, my body reacts as though it is. This has been a lifelong issue and is very limiting. So I am DELIGHTED to see articles like this coming out. Do you know that Canada quietly cancelled its ban on incandescents when they recognized that there are health issues and also that there is nowhere in Canada that safely disposes of fluorescents? They did it quietly because they wouldn’t want Canadians to notice that we, the taxpayers, had paid for all the promotion of CFL bulbs, and then Health Canada and the government realized ‘whoops’!

For awhile I couldn’t even use the flatscreen monitors or tvs because they were fluorescent backlit. LED technology has since become my hero, as that technology replaced all fluorescent monitors. Although I am extreme, I think most people are affected to some degree by fluorescent lighting. I can get more than a little annoyed when I witness what people continue to put up with. Imagine my optometrist and staff spending extra time trying to figure out how on earth to help me, and all commenting, “Ya, at the end of the work day, I often have headaches.”  Get rid of the fluorescents then!! (This is just one of the billion times I’ve come across people tolerating being unwell due to fluorescents) 

Studies to prove fluorescents are a huge issue have been limited – it’s a big industry, you know. We wouldn’t want to take down a corporation, after all. (I say sarcastically) I could go on and on… but  here, have a look at this short and accurate article. Then buy LEDs. Or if it’s too expensive to replace all your lighting, buy good old incandescents!

What you don’t know, unless you know me from other places than this blog, is that I had breast cancer. Diagnosed two years ago. I do not have breast cancer now.
You can imagine that a part of this process is research. But, if you are here because you have breast cancer, please also go learn about InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care. You have enough on your plate without floundering through an internet full of misinformation. InspireHealth,  in Canada, are already the experts on current correct information.

This link takes you to scientific research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information linking lighting and breast cancer. Please note that I provide a link at the end of this article to a book that explores lighting and electricity beyond this.

This article I share just to bring home the ‘switch back to incandescents’ theory (albeit I think and hope LED are truly are the cleanest and most effective lighting):

The best resource I’ve found recently is the book Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman. This one made me aware  of the extent electromagnetic frequencies can affect us, and provides specifics on how to improve the situations. Even in my fluorescent free home, I did have some practices that I am now curious if they may have contributed to breast cancer. Specifically, I worked at home, constantly on my computer, which was beside the fridge, the hard drive, a CRT monitor, and the base of the portable phone. All happened to be on my left side, which is where the cancer I had was found. Apparently these particular items are all high on the scale of what to avoid being near very often. Not making any assumptions here, but I thought it was worth noting. I’m currently living in a little cabin, out of town, limited electrical appliances, being aware of computer, wifi use… should be good now! ~smile~

My bet is on LED

January 2, 2014

Thank frickin’ god.. LED lighting has finally made its way into technology and household lighting and even the Tall Ship I worked on this Fall. Without that switch on that fine ship, I would not have been able to learn to sail a Tall Ship. Without LED, I’d still be using an old CRT monitor, and I’d never be watching TV. Thank you LED. Fluorescents? My bet is you’re going down.. bigtime…

An excellent article regarding health and enviromental issues related to fluorescent lighting, including those rotten little cfls that make me so sick.


For those who don’t know, I get very sick in fluorescent lighting, with CFLs being the worst culprit.  This video touches on many of the issues related to CFL bulbs. It is made in Germany, where a full incandescent ban went into effect last Fall.

  • Hazards if broken: In German schools, they are teaching children to run outside if a CFL bulb breaks.
  • How to clean up a broken CFL bulb as safely as one can.
  • Includes testing that shows all the toxins emitted from the bulbs, despite the casings meant to protect us. The video doesn’t address people like me who get so sick just being exposed to them.
  • Explains the many environmental issues, and that in Germany, only 10% of bulbs are disposed of safely. In Canada, there is no facility to dispose of CFL’s/ Fluorescents safely which is why Shell Busey denounced his support of CFLs, after being the ‘posterboy’ when they first came out.
  • Not on video, but this is also why Canada stopped the ban on incandescent lighting… no disposal sites, environment and health risks…yet, they stopped the ban quietly. After all, would they want us to recognize that our taxpayers money became the ultimate marketing tool of huge lighting corporations? Yes, our government did their advertising. Here’s why:
  • Also mentioned in this video: at the time, politicians jumped on the bandwagon of ‘green’ … they wanted to be the heroes as citizens pushed for healthier options. Wow, did that fail, yet people still don’t know how bad these bulbs are for us.
  • And the bigger reason, also on video: Business trumped Health and Environment
  • Video suggests LED lighting is the best alternative, but because they are expensive, people aren’t rushing o ut to buy them. Like organic food, the more of us who buy these products, the more prices will come down.  Fortunately in Canada, we can still buy incandescent so replacing with LED lighting can be done over time, rather than one large investment.

As always, if people are concerned about their health, I suggest not using any fluorescents in your house for a week and see how you feel. This includes not using computers and TV’s that are fluorescent backlit. (Newest technology is LED backlit and much healthier.)

If even one of you watches this, I’ll be happy I shared it.


Research worth looking at

January 11, 2013

I haven’t checked the authenticity of this, but am posting here because there is a lot of seemingly good content on EHS (Electrical Hypersensitivity), with references if one wants to read more.

Enough out there proving that CFLs aren’t good, and the Canadian Government responded by cancelling the ban on CFLs. Quietly. Because we wouldn’t want anyone to notice that the government almost fully paid for the marketing of CFLs for this industry (Genius marketers working in the CFL industry) and that it was an epic fail to have done so. Way to go, Canada. See earliest posts on blog about this.

Go here to learn more…..  included videos and research.  Still I’m wondering how I can make a real difference on this issue.  Still so few people aware of the health and environmental problems with CFLs and fluorescents in general.

Hoarding lightbulbs?

February 10, 2011

People. You’re hoarding all my incandescent lightbulbs.  When the ban on 100 watt took effect, I’m delighted there was some media stir.  I’m delighted that people ran to buy bulbs. I’m delighted people paid attention and even those without health issues realized they hated the cfl lighting.  I’m not so glad that you are all hoarding the bulbs.

I give out an incandescent bulb to participants in my creativity courses as an exercise to turn it into some sort of ‘aha’ creation.  Before the ban, they didn’t appreciate that I was giving away my lighting. Now they want more and want to hoard them!   thank goodness for awareness. And thank goodness they also decided to use their own hoarded bulbs and leave me mine when they knew my severe reaction to Cfl and other fluorescents.

Anyone with spare incandescents? I’ll take ’em.